▲PEPPERMONϟ†ER∆: That Time Brooke Shields was Wonder Woman →




Actress Brooke Shields has played a number of roles derived from comics from Brenda Starr to Morticia Addams. She even voiced Carol Ferris in the animated adaption of Darwyn Cooke’s Justice League: The Final Frontier. Unsurprisingly, given that she is six feet tall and…

If Brooke Shields can play Wonder Woman I know damn well Lucy Lawless could easily be Diana.

I would LOVE to see Lucy Lawless as Diana.  Unfortunately, I doubt it will ever happen.  I just know they’re going to want to cast someone younger.

I’ve always thought that the heroes should look a bit older and mature. Just like Id like to see Joe Manginello as Superman, John Hamm as Batman, and Lucy Lawless as Wonder Woman.